10 on 10 - February Monthly Blog Circle

Month 2 of our blog circle. Each month a group of photographers posts 10 images on the 10th of the month. I had SO MANY ideas of what I wanted to do this month, but of course, they did not happen how I wanted! Oh well, that's life as a mom, photographer and full time worker!

So we get five super sweet sleeping images of my babes....I watch them sleep and get a little sad sometimes at how fast they are growing up. I love every new stage and development, but sometimes I just feel its slipping away so quickly and before you know it, they will be teenagers, then in college, then moving out. :( That hurts my heart. BUT as my high school motto says: CARPE DIEM. Seize the Day.  So I will enjoy every moment while its here and stop thinking ahead! Speaking of which,  I have a couple changes I am planning to make in my home soon in regards to slowing down and enjoying the moment. So look forward to those posts shortly!


PS..if you are on your mobile, you may need to turn your phone horizontal to see the full images!

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