Thankful For A Whole lot of Summer | Personal

Yes I am a little late. Actually I have been very neglectful with blogging lately. Its busy season, everyone wants those lovely fall photos and then it moves right into holiday cards! Which, I do not usually do but this year I thought why not do a few?!

Oh and did I tell you we bought a new house and are moving in TEN DAYS!? Crazy. But our new home is a photographer's DREAM.....I cannot wait to explore the property and the possibilities!  The sun sets behind the cornfield behind us, (and behind our new pool!!), there is conservation land all around, a little ravine, woods, and more...I am sooooooo excited! Oh, and there is an extra room that is PERFECT for a studio! I am not a studio photographer really, but with cold Canadian winter it will be great to have that option!

OK..back to the blog.  Last summer, yes SUMMER, I shot a lot of film.  And got it developed and scanned but then it sat on my computer. So I have decided to join a blog circle this month with some AWESOME film photographers and finally get those images displayed online! They are all just shots of our family, doing summer things. A trip to an Amusement park, playing with cousins that we only see like once a year,  hanging out at home.  Every day summer stuff. Nothing special. But its my life ♥ And I am thankful for these kids and family and adventures every day.

These were all shot with a 35mm Canon with Kodak Portra 400 film and scanned by the FIND Lab

After this - head over to check out Amy's AWESOME film photography! She rocks! I have a LOT to learn from these filmie friends of mine ♥