10 on 10 January Blog Post - A Day in the Life....

of me!

This year I am participating in a monthly 10 on 10 blog circle with some other photographers! On the 10th of each month we will post 10 images. They can be anything, anyone. Which is truely awesome because we will get to see so many different genres and styles of photography each month, and each woman in the circle can let her creativity shine!

Today was the 9th. And guess what? With the crazyness of January and getting back into the school, work, daycare routine...I had nothing! So I took my camera out with me today to document a day in the life of me. Nothing exciting, but this is us. It was an errand day. No work (yahoo!).

Once you have finished browsing my post, head over and check out

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to see what she documented for her 10 on 10. I am really excited for this year and this project!

oh and ps..i cheated, there are more than 10! But I put them in groups! :)

Heading out into the COLD for daycare. My son was already gone to school so just us gals

baby, its coooold outside!

 After dropping off Magoo, I had a nice country drive to the next city to pick up some cute props for my upcoming Valentines Day Mini Session Event! (

details here!


 Then yes, a stop at McD's for breaky. Dont judge, Im pregnant! After that I had some time to kill so stopped for some stroller shopping for the new babe, coming soon!

 Off to the OB/GYN for a regular appointment. Strong heartbeat, no concerns.

 ok....i had a scheduled hair appointment. Which I look forward to every time! But today, man I was sooo tired I cancelled and went home for a nap before I had to go get the kids! I have been sooo tired lately! Maybe that is why the Doctor told me earlier today to take some iron pills!

Time to get up and pick up the kids at daycare and Karate

Home for dinner. Nothing fancy, leftover pasta from yesterday. Hey, we don't waste! (and I am one tired mama lately....) The kids play a game before dinner.

Hmm...what will we have for an after dinner snack?

and that is it folks! I did not get a chance to document bedtime, it was way to chaotic with tired kids not wanting to cooperate! Can you relate?!

Until next month....