Letters to My Daughter - May 2013

Dear Miss Magoo,

Your mommy is tired tonight, and wants to make sure to get this letter finished and published so that one day you can read it and laugh or cry or be grateful I did this for you!

So instead of a letter, (since my brain is not able to express many deep thoughts at this moment), I will make a list. You will learn over the years that your mom like to make lists. Lots of lists. Mainly inside my head, but often scribbled on scrap paper, telephone books, post its, and nowadays, digitally on the computer or my phone.

Your list of Loves.

You love your big brother Ry-ew(most days)

"Emu" aka Minnie Mouse

Building towers with megablocks

SCREAMING at the top of your lungs, especially in public places like the grocery store or antique shops

Books Books and more books

Shoes and more shoes (not sure where that comes from, your mom lives in flipflops!)

hugs and kisses and snuggles, especially before bed.

Your darn nummy (soother). Man, I wish you did not love that thing

Doc and Pia. aka Doc Mcstuffins and Sophia the first


Gigi (the babysitter) and your two besties from daycare, Claire and Harper.

There. Now you will not forget the loves of your life at age 2!

And neither will your aging brainless mom :)



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