Letters to Our Sons - February Blog Circle - Personal

February - the second month of the monthly blog circle I am participating in with members of Clickin Moms! Love this idea and all the ladies I am getting to know through our posts!

Last month I wrote a letter to my daughter, this month its my son's turn!

Dear O

Five years ago, on February 14th, Valentine's Day, was the very day that your Dad and I found out about your existence! We had just finished up a Valentine's Day brunch at Cora's and decided to go across the street to buy a pregnancy test. I KNEW you were already there and it was time to make it official! And yes, that Valentine's Day was the best day of our lives!

Five years later - you are already FOUR! And in school full time! It is just crazy to me.

Listening to you tell us about your day at school, reading words, adding numbers, playdates with friends, playing hockey and games with Dad.  I just can't believe you are growing up so fast and every day I wish I could freeze time.

You are quite the character Mister O. You love playing with your transformers, or superheroes, or Star Wars legos. You can spend hours and hours playing by yourself, acting out adventures and using that vivid imagination you have!

Your patience with your little sister is incredible. Yes there are moments you just cant handle her bugging you and you may push back. But buddy, your Dad and I are both oldest siblings...so we get it! I am impressed with how much you can put up with!

Buddy we are super proud of the little boy you have become and are growing up to be. Your personality is a little bit mom and a little bit dad. And a bit of Uncle Adam, Uncle Daniel, and Uncle Jeffrey too! 

We love ya kiddo, keep up the awesomeness!

You are our Superhero

You are a Handsome Dude!

You put up with Mommy's picture taking, to a point!

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