Letters to Our Daughters January 2013

I have joined a few different blog circles for 2013. Great way to be creative and think outside the box in terms of photography. I get so used to shooting clients that I forget about ME and my development and documenting my own family. I am very excited to be a part of this "Letters to our Daughters" Blog Circle with other moms from the Clickin Moms Forum.  Each month we write a letter to our daughters (or sons, i am going to alternate), and then we link our post with the next mom's. So when you are done reading here, click on the link to the next blog!

My dear Magoo,

You are almost two! I cannot believe it! I feel like only yesterday you graced us with your presence, and your lovely red hair.

Lets talk about this hair of yours.  Before you were even born, Mommy and Daddy joked that you would be a redhead. Don't ask us why, we just knew.  I even had new address labels made for our family with little characters, and we made your character have red hair!

This hair of yours has been quite the topic of conversation. Hence why my first post will focus on it!

Every where we go people want to touch your hair. Like red hair is an extinct trait.  However, the town we live in is still pretty Irish and I see redheads everywhere!

People ask: "does she have a temper?"

A temper - yes a little. A stubborn, fighting attitude? That's more like it. You come across it honestly, Mom and Dad are both pretty stubborn! Do not let anyone tell you this is a negative trait!

You are tough, you are strong, you know what you want and when you want it. You are only 21 months old and already have to choose your own clothes and have a fit if we put something on you that you did not pick! You are trying so hard to dress yourself. You eat alone without any help.  You stand up to your big brother if he takes your toy, or will not let you play with him. By "stand up" I mean, push him over! You do not take Sh*! from anyone! BUT - you are as sweet as pie.  My adorable, snuggly, charming, charismatic Magoo. You make Mommy and Daddy laugh ALL day long, with your sweet singing, giggly laugh, scrunched up "cheese" faces.  Your big brother is absolutely smitten with you and is falling in love with you more and more. Especially as you get older and can answer his questions and play with him!I could not ask for two better children, good days or bad, you rock our world, in the most fantastic way possible!

Love you Pumpkin,

Your Mom

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