10 on 10 | Monthly Blog Circle-June | Georgetown Fine Art Photographer

10 on 10 is back for June! I have been experimenting with the macro converters on my Lensbaby Composer lens. At first I did not "get it" and was discouraged but kept at it.  Now I love playing around with macro!

Why I love macro photography - it allows me to slow down, focus, be creative and not worry about capturing specific subjects. I can take my time, just me and whatever I am shooting, usually nature.  As a mom of three it is almost therapeutic, giving you time to yourself to just spend quiet time with nature!  Every macro "session" I shoot usually lasts only 10 minutes or so, it is short but sweet and I often love the results. Its just different than the usual. Out of the norm.

Shooting macro on my Lensbaby adds even more depth and interest to my work. My Lensbaby is my go to lens to get out of a rut, explore my creativity or just have fun.  It differs from a standard macro shot as the Lensbaby gives you added blur in unexpected parts of your image and I cannot get over the bokeh created with a Lensbaby!! ♥

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