Instagram @lovebeephotography

Instagram @lovebeephotography

Hey There Beautiful! 

I'm Bobbi-Jo. Or Bee, or Beej to my friends. And my Dad calls me Bob.  Just a small town girl living her lifelong dream of telling stories through photographs.

I could start by saying I love weddings, and love photography, and blah blah blah, but duh! Obviously you already know that! But I will tell you WHY  photographing love stories fills my soul.

Every story deserves to be told and told beautifully.   I like to keep it real, posing when needed but the best love stories are the ones that are authentic and honest and not posed the way you see on pinterest because thats not YOUR real life.  My aim is to capture you at your most honest and raw moments - the first look with Dad, happy crying during the ceremony, laughing and celebrating through your reception or playing with your children.  

My aim as your photographer is to keep it real, and help you enjoy your day as stress-free as possible.  I am here to help with finding vendors, choosing outfits or assisting you to create your wedding day timeline.  But mostly I am here to get to know you, and observe you and your loved ones during special moments in your life. 

I am a lover of light - golden sunset light, backlight, moody light. If its there, I will find it and I will embrace it during your wedding or session. This means I may drag you out of your reception for a private moment when inspired by a little window of evening light, or keep taking photographs when your child has a mid-session meltdown.  I just can't turn away from raw emotion or a beautiful pocket of light. 

 I will never ask you to say cheese. I will never even say the word cheese unless we are drinking wine and need a snack to go with it.  You will feel comfortable and be able to just be yourself with me. 

 So if you are up for exploring, having fun and getting a little dirt on your wedding dress, then contact me here and we can chat some more! 

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