I love emotion and being able to capture a feeling on film. As your photographer, I will create an image that tells a story, that allows you to look back in ten, twenty, or fifty years and remember how you FELT when it was taken, not just remember what you looked like. I want you to remember your life at that time, who was there, or not there, and how you may have felt that day.

I want to create images that you can pass down to your children's children.

I love film and the beauty of a simple image. I shoot primarily with a digital camera but you may sometimes see me pull out my old film camera as well, or add a creative touch to digital with a special lens.  I like to keep it real, posing when needed but using prompts and cues that allow you to relax and just be yourself.  Just as important as the people involved in the shoot, I will capture the beauty of the details around us - may it be baby's nursery, your home, an heirloom, or even the nature around us.

I grew up in a small town called Port Stanley, located in Southwestern Ontario on Lake Erie.  It is a quaint little fishing town, thriving in the summer and desolate in winter.  I have lived in the Greater Toronto area for the last 8 years, recently moving to a rural community outside of Alliston, Ontario.  I have had a camera of some sort in my hand since I was a young child, often asking friends and family to pose for me, setting up mini photo shoots and basically enjoying everything photography for as long as I can remember! In high school I took a photography class with the awesome Mrs. Armstrong at Parkside Collegiate in St. Thomas. (I really wish I knew how to contact her so I can say Thank you!). That experience taught me so much about photography and I knew then I wanted to one day become a professional photographer!

After high school I attended Carleton University in Ottawa, putting my dreams of photography on the back burner as I earned 2 degrees in Psychology and Law - total opposite direction! Luckily, that dream of mine came back once I had children and found the desire to document all those fleeting moments that pass too quickly! I worked hard and earned a PRO badge with Clickinmoms and have been featured on many websites and forums.

I am a mother of four wonderful, spirited and hilarious children, all of whom inspire me daily both as a person and a photographer.  I love vintage, the water, love shooting outdoors in amazing light and most of all, love meeting my clients and having fun!

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Photographs taken by the talented and amazing  Alissa Saylor Photography

Photographs taken by the talented and amazing Alissa Saylor Photography